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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  January 4, 2016 6:00am-6:58am MST

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to the end zone, denver is back in front. 6:00 a.m. just like that the broncos take the top seed. and peyton anning takes the game yesterday. mile high will e lit up again in less than two weeks and in just ours you can get your hands on playoff tickets and tell tell you how. the weather yesterday for the game was fabulous. >> we had 40s, sunshine and such a different from the
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beautiful shot at he stadium. >> reporter: we're going to see some high cloud cover. loo 20s, such a nice start to the day. keep in mind right now as you step out the door, you are going to be feeling some of the highs that you saw last week, by noon 42, 3:00, form 5- degrees. -- 45-degrees. limon, 46. mid to upper 30s in most mountain towns. now, there is a chance of snow in the mountains ooer the next 24 hours. we will talk about that plus when we could see more snow here in denver. >> aurora is not going back to school and douglas county back
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this is highway 36 across i-255 on 270. there is possibly an accident reported down here in the transition of i-76 and 270 and i'm not seeing at least from air tracker seven shot going to call it good for now. a look at the overall map. there is some heavy traffic on i-26, 225. pretty typical. turns into parker road over by mississippi, we have a crash at eastbound side at hampden. hazard this morning. everything went well in 3 our favor yesterday. the broncos beat the chargers yesterday 27-20. obviously the big headline was the q.b. swap.
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for the first time in his long. he became he second half savior. fans were loving it. watch this reaction as peyton [cheers and applause cheers and applause] >> this crowd is field. >> peyton lit a fire fast. he took the team 80 yards for a touchdown. two touchdowns -- kubiak said it was a victory. >> i told you one thing about us is we are a team. if you are holding your breath to find out who is going to be starting quarterback, don't, manning says he is going to give it a couple of weeks to how his foot feels.
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advantage for the afc playoffs. the first game is in a couple of weeks, sunday, january -`17th, 2:40 in the afternoon at mile high. you can see it here the possibilities, we could face the steelers, chiefs, maybe the texans, a limited number of playoff tickets will go on sale at noon today. you can go to ticketmasters, you can call ticketmaster. go online. they start at 80 bucks, only four per household. you can watch the chiefs versus the texans, saturday at 2:00 p.m. here. the report on the al-
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supporting the claims for the 3 alleged h.g. h. peyton is calllng it garbage. the nfl says it's investigating and peyton says he's considering a lawsuit. a man is in the hospital after a mattress catches fire at the greeley manor apartments. firefighters had to pull the man from the fifth floor. a man who is accused of killing two and injjring six happened at the intersection of colorado boulevard and mexico. he was sleeping and took off when firefighters approached him. we do know children were in one of the cars. witnesses say the driver was
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>> this black suv, the one that's up right, came raising past me and continued to accelerate and that's what really capturered my attention. >> so the driver who caused tte crash was injured but survived. this morninggwe are getting a first look at a fatal crash on c-470. a person was right near morrison, that person unfortunately died. under investigation. a missing man in arvada after a fire. smoke could be seen for miles. lindsay, the man who is missing worked in that building? >> reporter: nobody has heard from him since the fire sparked. his name is john rutter, he is
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he worked aa an addiction counselor here in arvada. police say they haven't been able to search inside yet. crews had to back off because it was so hot. the building is now in danger of collapsing. they will be bringing heavy equipment as well as canines to sort through the rubble. we spoke to one of his clients. >> he's one of the best people i've ever met, really. i'm not just say tag because he's my counselor, i kind of can't wait to get to class ever week. he just makes you feel like you're worthy of something. >> reporter: firefighters the fire. they say the search and investigation could take days or even all week because the building is still such a danger, police are blocked off the entire area around it.
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thank you, it's 6:07. students and staff on the du campus need to watch their surroundings, an alert was sent %- out fter an armed robbery, three men got away from a black toy toyota rav four. we are seeing the stocks plunge overseas. the taxen germany down 4%. ddoxon germany down 4%. ttere was such a selloff overnight in china, they halted trading there. that's affecting us here. the dow is down premarket
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a little more than 1.5% this year. is sp is down 94. all because of china, new we are feeling the effects here. >> reporter: we do have some clear skies this morning. temperatures in the mid to upper 20s. it's 29 in denver. wind chills are going to be in the teens to low 20s but we are in for a beautiful warm couple of days. >> reporter: we do have a couple of freeway problems down by hampden and river point.
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another completion, this one is at thomas and he got
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still going, takes it to the end zone. denver is the top seed again. home field advantage throughout the playoffs. the broncos offense struck right away against the chargers. 30 seconds into the game and second play of the game. unfortunately the offense would have a major snag after that. denver didn't score again until peyton manning took over in the third quarter, but hey, we won. >> reporter: we wanted to give you a live look at the stadium. such a great game. the weether was nice. >> i hadd16 layers and took them all off. >> you should have kept your shirt on at at least. >> no, i paint my belly orange.
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>> we need to get his seat number so we can get a picture of that. >> fan cam. >> reporter: take a look at our first alert weather camera. you can see at the top right corner of the screen, a beautiful start. you are going ask see some high clouds, creeping ahead of what's going to be a pretty mild system from u.s., but it is going to bring some snow to couple of days. right now we are just below denver 29. i know people are thinking, she thinks that's nice? 29, that's actually warmer than what we saw for the highs last week. 25. we have a pretty mild afternoon when you factor in the windd, cooler. low 20s, so for the kids going back to school today, the bus
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bad and with plenty of sunshine for the first three days of the week, we are expecting temperatures either at or above normal. not close to the record, but still pretty mild. ft. collins 32. sterling you have some spots up to the northeast in the mid to upper 30s, but parker, castle rock, all in the mid 40s. estes park today high of 38. role cold up near craig and steamboat with teens and 20s. you will find some high clouds across the plains this morning. not until around eight or 9:00 that you will start to see some light snow develop. gradually it will spread north and east tomorrow morning and the mountains will pick up a little light snow through
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we get a chance for snow on thursday. 40s through wednesday, i put a bright spot on tomorrow then colder as we head into the best chance is going to be thursday into friday, maybe one to 3 inches then skies will clear. but it does stay cold through >> reporter: aurora goes back on wednesday. sport authority field and mile high, needs to rest, needs to rest for a couple of weeks, because we will need all the fans there on the 17 for that first game. getting a little congests on colfax. you can see a lot of green out there. some issues somebody was conked out near parker and quebec.
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farther south 470 and broadway all quieted across ighlands ranch right now. today r.t.d.'s flat iron fliers riding today. there's expression options with fewer stops. black monday in the nfl, it's a day coachee and g.m.s on teams not bound for the post season worry about their jobs. it started a day early with the 49ers getting rid of their head coach. and there were several coach ons the bubble you might say one getting a lot of attention or talk is the indians coach. players had good thinns to say about him, but one told the indianapolis star, it's really
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doesn't add up. no word for broncos. twitter says number one seed afc champs five in a row. and marcus ware allsppce. >> reporter: good morning. victory monday. we have the afc champions, bye week, home field advantage, we're the top seed. these are all things you put on a big screen the 1st day of training camp. one more thing, a quarterback controversy, yep, osweiier started against the chargers yesterday, led the team to seven points. but then, five turn overs into the third corners, not brock's
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team need add spark. peyton manning went 5-9 passing. a lot of great handoffs. 27-20 broncos. they win it two weekssbefore tte first playoff game, which gives us lots of time the talk about the quarterback situation. >> we have two weeks before i play again. i've got to see how i feel tomorrow. see how my foot feels. the bye week will come and give the guys a chance to get healthy. >> peyton sparked the team. the line played great, the backs played great and the defense played great. and that's what coach always preaches, it's always takes all guys and today it's was true. >> reporter: the broncos are off and play either the texans,
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we have a lot to talk about today. we will here from gary kubiak today on the orange and blue. until then have a great morning. make this a lesson if ou get mad. a kicker missed a kiikoff. he rips off his helmet, throws it on the ground, comings right back up and pops him in the nose. the bills end up winning, but his nose isn't in really good shape. > no more moments like this from fans. what are they doing? we have to assume some alcohol was involved in this. some decided to set a table on fire. thankfully the fans nearby
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the fire out n this guy'' rear. >> geniis day. >> he's okay. >> could you put a price on your dog? one owner is now offering a $10,000 reward for bronson. dog back, no questions asked. he says he can make more money, but he can't replace his best friend. >> looks like he was smilingg i get it.
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inside the 10 and to the end zone, it's a touchdown and denver ties it at 13. what a roller coaster of emotions. peyton manning's firrt drive of the game, he takes the team all
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but the -- refs put it on review. even though the kicking team comes out for the play, they say it was just shy of the end zone, so manning sticks to it. third time is a charm, we get the touchdown, lead 14-13. it was kind of painful yesterday. >> i was having palpitations. we have a live look over denver. beautiful start. 3 you are going to find a mix of sun and clouds, dry conditions in denver. more melting. someeof the side streets have been icy, for the kids that do have to go back to school today, pretty mild as they are headed home on the bus. the next couple of days would be a really good time to get
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>> reporter: yep, there are still a lot of north facing houses with a lot of snow. right now you can see santa fe and hampden is looking okay. the accident is cleared. you can see the slow down at the traffic lights, going through engel wood. the onny real heavy spot avenue. you will note some changessality your child's daycare, they state is banning sugary drinks and limiting play time. 2,000 licensed child care centers in the state, not the home daycare centers affected. they will be updated next year. penny parker diee saturday night. she wws 62 years old.
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the denver paper reports there's no cause of death at this point.. she seemed to know everyone who was anyone in town. she wrote about her battle with breast canner of the years. -- cancer southwest has officially been in denver for ten years. we couldn't be happier to be here or more excited about the years to come. to celebrate, we got you 56 nonstop destinations.
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the ten-year anniversary is the nonstop destination anniversary. thanks for ten amazing years, denver. what can we say? we like you back.
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denver 7 news starts right now. second and two, and another completion. this one to thomas and he got away from the defender and still going. %- he takes it tt the end zone for another touchdown. the offense led by brock osweiler, just 0 seconds into the game, thomas runs like
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>> ith that momentum would hit a major roadblock. on the next three drives, would set up peyton manning a cindereela come back for peyton manning. couple of field goals, the final score, we won it 27-20. it's now time to take playoffs, and take a bye week. >> the first wild-card game is sunday, january 17th, 2:40 in the afternoon. high. they will sell a limited number of playoff tickets. tickets go on sale ttday. you can go online, on phone, or go in person. the tickets start at 80 bucks, and limited to four per household.
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mitch, you were there at the game, sunshine. >> i almost needed sunscreen. >> reporter: the next couple of days probably not a bad idea. we are goinggto see some sun. live look over denver. we are just now starting to see a little bit of color over the horizon. temperatures right now in the 20s. we are watching some rain and snow from the southwest. it's going to bring with it some light snow across southwestern part of colorado. low 20s, double the number by noon. 3:00 calling for highs into mid to upper 40s. near 50 to the south. and the mountains will get more snow and we'll talk about that coming up. >> i know 'm going to be picking at some snow and ice on
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the heaviest traffic is on the north side of town. 270, i-76, very typical back to work monday here. not everybody is back the school just yet. 225 is a little bit busier, take a look at the camera at sixth avenue and sheridan. not too bad. >> bang bang -- >> bang bang bang goes the charlie. >> i here the travel guy saying ax. >> reporter: digging for gold, baby. a live look from the sheridan area from air tracker at the river point shopping plaza. we have seen a lot of smash and grabs, this morning this occurred at the verizon store. our reporter is justtarriving on scene and we'll get to her
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in just a bit. friends and family of an addiction counselor prepare for the worst. an arvada firefighters resume searching for a missing counselor. lindsay, nobody has heard from rutter since the fire started. >> reporter: that's right. the substance abuse center where he worked, firefighters say it is now unstable and in danger of collapsing and that's why they have not been able to go inside and search. they are bringing in heavy equipment to be able to do that inside. i'm going to show you some video from saturray. firefighters had to retreat and around the area. people ho know rutter now just want to know if he got trapped ip side.
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we were able to sit doon with one of his clients who describes him as one of the best people she's ever met. >> i would guess that he would like go through the place again an make sure that everybody was out and then didn't make it himself because that building went up really quick. >> reporter: they still don't know what started the fire and say that investigation could take days or even ll week. we are going to be out here throughout the morning. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. denver seven. two robbers getaway in longmont after brutally ataking a man in his home with a fire poker. it happened on atwood street. police found one to have cars
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one is a red jeep grand cherokee. there have been now been more than 20 smash and grabs n the past month across the denver metro area. thieves hit up nine more businesses. police don't think the burglars got away with a bunch. business owners and managers there came out early in the morning again, having to board up thuir businesses. >> it's a little bit disheartening, but you pick up the pieces, try to keep going best you can and fix the door and hopefully forget about it next week. those of you with real christmas trees in denver can put their trees out until the 20th and the city will pick them up for free and you can pick them back up for mulch in the spring for free. the ruby hill rail yard in
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this week. crews started making some snow last week. it opened about nine years ago as the first free urban terrain here is a look at sport authority field lit up. and will be lit up again in about 13 days as the broncos
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to the end zone, denverris back in front. . that's the touchdown that gave denver the lead. the broncos beat the chargers 27-20. lots of freebies. debbies deals has put together all the eals for you.
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from king supers and a free coffee from conoco. since the broncos scored three touchdowns, arby's is offeringg a free roast beef. a bii house fire happening in maryland in a metro area. home destroyed but the good news a couple of people got out safely. a fairly rural area there. there were no fire hydrants apparently in the area. no word on what caused the fire, but again, the folks there got out safely. >> reporter: we do have a beautiful sunrise. you can see some of the clouds that are going to stream in and out over the next few days. temperatures so niceeright now in denver. a few degrees warmer than we were yesterday. we have a really mild
6:38 am
afternoon. 20s as you walk out the door this morning, mid 40s by about two or 3:00. jason, we are still in the 40s on wednesday. >> reporter: and very slow traffic in two spots. north side of town both cars here on the left shoulder, the officer just left which is good news, bad news 120th down the 80 forth avenue slow. the other trouble spot here, doon this way, theesouthbound side of 225 kennedy golf course. at the choke point, a new accident on soothbound 2025 right near yo semm yosemite. this morning two boyscouts being called heros when most of us would runaway.
6:39 am
they stayed calm and hhlped save their troop leaders life. >> all the sudden a black bear grabbed their troop leader into a cave. they called 911 the. >> would you guys like us to start a signal fire? >> yes, start fire. >> the scouts scared off the bear. and thanks to the boys staying calm. that is so great.
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peyton manning made his comeback yesterday. manning was all smiles after % taking the team back. it was the first time manning has ever been a backup quarterback in his entire nfl careee.
6:41 am
question of who's going to be the starting quarterback. first a live look outside. 29-degrees in denver. sun starting to creep up. are you feeling lucky today? beeause the power ball jackpot is up to $400 million. nobody won this on sunday. now it's time to check in with lisa. >> what are you doing over there? >> reporter: i was trying to move the computer. it wasn't working. >> are you picking it up and moving it across the room? >> reporter: pretty much. one iwe have a nice day today. finally this week we are going to be in the low to mid 40s. we are pretty close to the average today. it's going to be like this for
6:42 am
the next few days. partly sunny, little high cloud cover. most to have snow will be in the mountains. right now 20s, close to 30, denver right now 29, fort collins currently 15. both greeley, fort morgan, looking at highs today in the 30s, where as most of the metro area is going to be in the 40s. 44 in elizabeth. mid to upper 30s as you head west. conifer 41, evergreen at 40, estes park 38-degrees, so very mild an again, back to where we shouud be. 20s anothers in the mountained to -- and 30s in the mountains. not much in the way of snow and mainly going to cover southwest colorado. we'll see showers start to spread a little farther north and east by later today.
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high clouds covering north eastern colorado, again, you can see a little bit of snow by about 8:00 tonight.. we will pick up a few additional inches of snow over `he neet 24 house. 40s, realll mild, more melting on the side streets. closer to 50. come thursday into friday, temperatures will drop, chance for probably one to 3 inches of snow in denver so i think our thursday evening and friday morning commute will be the ones to watch. it stays close to freezing both days. >> reporter: un-formally we have a couple of -- unfortunately a couple of prrblems on the southbound side of i-225t. right lanes are blocked by the fire truck and tow trucks -- i-
6:44 am
heavy stop and go traffic before parker road all the way to that crash. you don't need extra incentive ssuthbound 225. maybe some side street of another 1-25 -- and vasquez and 270. and near colfax and yosemite. a tow truck driver followed him and trapped him. but we have a police situation, so it could be a sloo down on traffic around vasquez and 270.
6:45 am
work site of the san bernardino shooting rampage. the building reopened. inland regional center understands this could be really toogh so they will have employees gather in small groups to talk before starting the work day. president obama wants tougher estrictions on guns. longer. to move forward on our unfinished business as i can. that's especially true for one piece of unfinished business, our epidemic problem of gun violence. reis looking without congressional approval. several candidates have promised to reverse any action the president takes including front runner donald trump. the president wants to get
6:46 am
tougher on gun laws. the first making it a misdemeanor to apply for a firearms background check if they know they're not allowed on a gun something like convicted felons, the second says convicted domestic abusers have to give up guns. if you plan on voting on the caucuses, the deadline is today to register. we'll get you caught up on all the big storres including the scandal that just won't leave paymenten manning. he -- peyton manning.
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we are following breaking news. police investigating more smash and grab burglaries, the verizon store near southwest hampden street. you can see the glass doors smashed out there. it's too early to say if this is connected to the recent smash and grabs since about the beginniig of december. south broadway and englewood were hit up. we have the latest on the sheridan situation this morning. sally, what's the latest? >> reporter: mitch, it seems
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like busted doors like this are -`a common sight every morning now. yet another smash and grab neer hampden. we don't know if this is connected to the 20 plus incidents that we have been covering just this month however when you look at it the method of entry seems to be the same in all of these incidents. police are still investigating this trying to get to the bottom of it. police tell me that another smash and grab happened at the same shopping plaza just last night. more b. overnight. a man is in the hospital after being pulled from a fire in greeley. the fire started early this morning at the greeley manor apartments in greeley. it is home to hundreds of senior citizens. and police say a man who caused a really bad crash was asleep behind the wheel just moments before.
6:49 am
this happened at the intersection of colorado and mexico. it included a couple of children. firefighters went to check on the driver wwo was parentally asleep in the parked car and he took off as they approached. >> reporter: police are still looking for a missing man in arvada. take a look at this building near wadsworth. police say it is in danger of collapsing and they have still in the been able to go inside and search. the man missing is john rutter, he worked as a counselor inside a substance center. firefighters had to retreat. around. this morning firefighters are going to be bringing in heavy
6:50 am
can start searching through rubble. live in arvada. lindcy watts. an armed robbery on south williams near du. the police say three men in camo jackets and a toyota rav >> reporter: the left lane is block to from vasquez. police believe this might be related to a hittand run from colfax and yosemite. has lanes blocked. i-70, and i-225 better. heavy traffic to downtown from
6:51 am
the north side. the new year means a host of new laws in colorado. in fort collins the smoking ban has included all public areas in downtown fort collins. and smoking won't be allowed on public streets and sidewalks. and they are increasing the minimum wage up 8 cents. >> reporter: hold on let me get it, let me get it. it is so pretty. a lot of pinks aad purples in the sky in denver. beautiful start to our monday morning. i want to fast forward our futurecast. the mountains are going to pick up the snow in the next 20 to four to 36 -- 24 to 36 hours. thursday into friday there's going to be some snow. enjoy the 40s today.
6:52 am
closer to freezing by friday. thank you. it is 6:56 and broncos fans can walk around with their heads held high. we can thank you the patriots loss and broncos win yesterday. final score 27-20. broncos now have a week off. the first game is saturday january 17th. the playoffs could be the % school -- teelers, chiefs, or the patriots. you can catch the chiefs versus the texans game, this coming saturday 2:20 in the afternoon.
6:53 am
allegations linking him to human growth hormones garbage. claims say a second source prove he has had multiple shipments to his wife. >> reporter: we have informationnfrom thh news room there was a hit and run -`investigatiin at colfax and yosemite and a tow truck driver followed him and blocked in that white van. so he has that one van on the back to have tow truck and one. that's why this investigation is going and we have a huge backup because of it. it is monday, isn't it? >> it whwhatat m makakeses t thihis s sisimpmplele s salaladad t thehe hehearart t hehealalththyy cacalilifofornrniaia w walalnunutsts.. ththe e bebestst s simimplplee veveggggieie d disish h eveverer?? hehearart t hehealalththyy cacalilifofornrniaia w walalnunutsts.. ththe e bebestst s simimplple e didinnnnerer e evever?r? hehearart t hehealalththyy
6:54 am
cacalilifofornrniaia w walalnunutsts.. grgreaeat t tataststining,g, h heaeartrt h heaealtlthyhy cacalilifofornrniaia w walalnunutsts.. soso s simimplple.e.
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good morning, america. donald trump unleashes his first campaign ad this morning. >> that's why he's call for a temporary shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> taking direct aim at hillary clinton. highlighting the boldest proposals. as the war of words heats up. she gets ready to unleash her not to secret weapon. standoff. dozens of militia men saying that the land belongs to the people. roads are blocked. school children told the stay home. the fbi is take charge this morning.
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